Third Party Library - DapperExtensions



DapperExtensions is a small library package which adds basic CRUD operations to Dapper. It also provides a predicate system for more advanced querying scenarios. DapperExtensions will keep your domain classes pure without any attributes or base class inheritance.


DapperExtensions is only available through NuGet:

You can easily install this library by running the following command:

PM> Install-Package DapperExtensions

More information can be found at:


Once you installed this library then the following extension methods will automatically add to DbConnection:

  • Get
  • GetList
  • Insert
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Count

You can use these extension methods easily in your code.

var invoice = connection.Get<Invoice>(1);
var invoiceList = connection.GetList<Invoice>();
var identity = connection.Insert<Invoice>(new Invoice { Kind = InvoiceKind.WebInvoice, Code = "Insert_Single_1" });

invoice.Code = "Updated_invoice";
invoice.Kind = InvoiceKind.WebInvoice;

var status = connection.Update<Invoice>(invoice);

var isDeleted = connection.Delete<Invoice>(connection.Get<Invoice>(2));

var predicate = Predicates.Field<Invoice>(i => i.Kind, Operator.Eq, InvoiceKind.WebInvoice);

var count = connection.Count<Invoice>(predicate);

Unfortunately, there is no proper documentation available for this library.


Currently, this library is not supported.