Dapper Plus

What’s Dapper Plus?

Dapper Plus extend the IDbConnection interface with Bulk Operations methods:

  • Bulk Insert
  • Bulk Update
  • Bulk Delete
  • Bulk Merge

This library is the fastest way to perform saving operations in a database.

Official Website: http://dapper-plus.net/


Dapper Plus is installed through NuGet: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Z.Dapper.Plus/

This library is NOT FREE, but a monthly trial is available at the start of every month.


Dapper Plus is compatible with all major database provider:

  • SQL Server 2008+
  • SQL Azure
  • SQL Compact
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL


Dapper Plus extend your IDbConnection interface with multiple methods:

// Bulk Insert
.ThenForEach(x => x.Items.ForEach(y => y.InvoiceID = x.InvoiceID))
.ThenBulkInsert(x => x.Items);

// Bulk Update
connection.BulkUpdate(invoices, x => x.Items);

// Bulk Delete
connection.BulkDelete(invoices.SelectMany(x => x.Items))

// Bulk Merge
.ThenForEach(x => x.Items.ForEach(y => y.InvoiceID = x.InvoiceID))
.ThenBulkMerge(x => x.Items);