Dapper Tutorial Dapper Transaction Library

What's Dapper Transaction?

Dapper.Transaction is exactly like Dapper but extend the IDbTransaction interface instead and use Dapper under the hood. It's a simple library to make it easier to work with a transaction.

  • Dapper.Transaction is a simple and lightweight transaction management tool for Dapper.
  • Everything Dapper support, Dapper Transaction supports it as well (It's only a new extension method calling Dapper)
  • It was created to provide an easy way to manage transactions within the Dapper micro-ORM.

GitHub: https://github.com/zzzprojects/Dapper.Transaction

using (var connection = new SqlConnection(FiddleHelper.GetConnectionStringSqlServerW3Schools()))
	using (var transaction = connection.BeginTransaction())
		// Dapper
		var affectedRows1 = connection.Execute(sql, new {CustomerName = "Mark"}, transaction: transaction);
		// Dapper Transaction
		var affectedRows2 = transaction.Execute(sql, new {CustomerName = "Mark"});


NuGet Installation

Dapper.Transaction is only available through NuGet: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Dapper.Transaction/

You can easily install this library by running the following command:

PM> Install-Package Dapper-Transaction

Method Supported

  • Execute
  • ExecuteAsync
  • ExecuteReader
  • ExecuteReaderAsync
  • ExecuteScalar
  • ExecuteScalarAsync
  • Query
  • QueryAsync
  • QueryFirst
  • QueryFirstAsync
  • QueryFirstOrDefault
  • QueryFirstOrDefaultAsync
  • QuerySingle
  • QuerySingleAsync
  • QuerySingleOrDefault
  • QuerySingleOrDefaultAsync
  • QueryMultiple
  • QueryMultipleAsync