Dapper Tutorial Dapper Contrib - DeleteAll


The Dapper.Contrib library also provides the DeleteAll<T>() extension method that allows you to delete all records from a database table.


The syntax of the DeleteAll<T> method is given below:

public static bool DeleteAll<T>(IDbTransaction transaction = null, int? commandTimeout = null)

The following table shows the different parameters of a DeleteAll method.

Name Description
transaction It represents a database transaction. This parameter is optional if we are using this method outside of a transaction, otherwise, it is required.
commandTimeout It represents the time in seconds to wait before terminating the command execution and generating an error. The default value of this parameter is 30 seconds. This parameter is optional.

In the following example, we will use the DeleteAll method to delete all the records from the database table.

using (var connection = My.ConnectionFactory())

    var isSuccess = connection.DeleteAll<Invoice>();