Dapper Tutorial Dapper - Execute Scalar Method


The ExecuteScalar is an extension method that can be called from any object of type IDbConnection.

  • It allows you to execute SQL statements or Stored Procedures and returned a scalar value on the first column of the first row in the Result Set.
  • If the Result Set contains more than one column or row, it takes only the first column of the first row, all other values will be ignored.
  • If the Result Set is empty it will return a Null reference.
  • It is very useful to use with aggregate functions like Count(*) or Sum() etc.


The ExecuteScalar method takes a SQL query as a string and an optional object parameter. The object parameter can be used to pass parameters to the SQL query.

The ExecuteScalar method also takes optional parameters for transaction, command timeout, and command type.

The following table shows the different parameters of an ExecuteScalar method.

Name Description
sql The command text to execute (sql statement or stored procedure name).
param The command parameters (default = null).
transaction The transaction to use (default = null).
commandTimeout The command timeout (default = null)
commandType The command type (default = null)

In the following example, we will use the ExecuteScalar method to retrieve a single value from the database. We will execute a SQL query that returns the number of rows in a table.

using(var connection = new SqlConnection(FiddleHelper.GetConnectionStringSqlServer()))
    int rowCount = connection.ExecuteScalar<int>("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Customers;");


First, we created a SqlConnection object and then called the ExecuteScalar method to execute the SQL query and retrieve the number of rows in the table.

Here is another example that retrieves only the Name of the customer where CustomerID is 1.

using(var connection = new SqlConnection(FiddleHelper.GetConnectionStringSqlServer()))
    var name = connection.ExecuteScalar<string>("SELECT Name FROM Customers WHERE CustomerID = 1;");


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